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Join The Carson Chamber of Commerce

The Carson Area Chamber of Commerce works to generate a sound economic foundation to sustain the growth of the entire community. Your membership in the Chamber will benefit you in a number of ways:

Membership Benefits


  • Chamber events provide opportunities to network with other businesses and local decision makers.

  • The "Leadership Carson" program encourages civic involvement and helps develop local leaders.

  • The Chamber is an advocate for public policies and practices that promote the retention and growth of area businesses.

  • Activities such as ribbon cuttings, the Business Expo and E-News blasts help employers market their products and services.

  • Members have the opportunity to receive discounts at Staples and receive annual certificates (in the amount of their dues) for advertising in the "Daily Breeze."


To determine your annual Carson Chamber membership amount, the Board of Directors has developed the fair share formula as an equitable investment structure for all businesses.

New member registration and set-up fee: $25.00

As part of that set up, new members will receive a membership directory and listing along with a ribbon cutting.

General Investment Schedule

(Based on the number of employees)

Employees                     Annual Membership

1-2                                 $150

3-5                                 $175

6-10                               $200

11-15                             $225

16-20                             $250

21-40                             $325

41-100                           $425

101-200                         $700

201-300                         $900

301-400                         $1,100

Over 400                       $1,125

Special Investment Conditions

Financial Institutions

Deposits/Millions          Annual Membership Investment

25 or less                       $275

26-40                             $385

41-50                             $495

51-60                             $605

61-70                             $715

71-100                           $880

Over 100                       $1,100

Property Management Owner or Land Developer

(Based on leasable square footage)

Under 250k                   $550

250k-500k                     $825

Over 500k                     Negotiable

Professional                   $225 plus $50 per Associate

Hotels, Motels, Apartments

$225 plus $1 per room


Other Categories

Utilities                              $440

Non-profit service clubs  $125

Home-based business    $100*

Place of worship              $125*

Residential                       $100*

* No setup fee for these categories

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